About Us

The Kilmacud Stillorgan Local History Society was founded in 2001.  Its aim is to promote and sustain an interest in our culture, heritage and history, particularly with regard to Kilmacud Stillorgan and the adjoining areas.

  • Its function is primarily educational and recreational, and the Society will not become involved in pressure groups or public protest.

To achieve this aim the Society will endeavour to :

  • organise talks and presentations on a regular basis;
  • arrange a trip to a place of historical interest once a year;
  • liaise, co-operate, associate and reciprocate with other associations with similar objectives; and where possible, publish materials / findings.



The founding committee of the Society in 2001, comprised

Bonnie Flanagan (Honorary President)
Peter Sobolewski (Chairman)
Julia Barrett (Secretary)
Clive O’Connor (Treasurer)
Pat Sheridan,
Bryan MacMahon,
Anne O’Connor

Lyn Lynch and Margaret Smith later joined the committee.

Over the years we were sad to say goodbye to Julia, Pat, Margaret, Bryan and Lyn and have since welcomed Liam Doyle, Donough O’Reilly, Leonard Kaye, Muirghen O’Reilly Kelly, Frances Bowe and Kevin Connaire on board.

Current Committee Members :
Liam Doyle, Chair
Kevin Connaire, Secretary
Clive O’Connor, Treasurer
Anne O’Connor
Peter Sobolewski (Honorary President)
Leonard Kaye
Muirghen O’Reilly-Kelly
Frances Bowe