Index of Obelisk Articles 2006 – 2024

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Category / Title Author Obelisk
Kilmacud Stillorgan People
Winifred M. Letts (1882-1972) BAIRBRE O’HOGAN 2006
Maurice Walsh – The Quiet Man in Stillorgan BRYAN MacMAHON 2006
Michael Kennedy: Irish Racing Legend PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2007
Some Prominent Residents of Old Stillorgan PADDY ROCHFORD 2007
Séamus P. MacEoin – Credit Union Pioneer EILIS MacEOIN 2008
The Orr Family of Stillorgan BRIAN WHITE 2008
William Watts, Provost of Trinity College, 1981-1991 PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2008
The Doc – Michael Kennedy WILLIAM ROCHE 2008
Bonnie Flanagan: A Part of the History of Stillorgan CATHY FLANAGAN 2009
Norah Elam : A Notorious Feminist Fascist from Stillorgan ANGELA & SUSAN McPHERSON 2010
Edward Lovett Pearce 1699-1733 PAT SHERIDAN 2011/12
Did Lionel Logue’s Ancestors Come From Stillorgan? CLIVE O’CONNOR 2011/12
Arthur Bateman: Children’s Champion DOLORES MURRAY 2011/12
The Tragic Story of Dr. Edward D’Arcy McCrea PATRICK J. CASEY 2011/12
Sir Thomas Farrell, Stillorgan Sculptor BRYAN MacMAHON 2013
Local Man Who Helped to Preserve Finnish Independence from Soviet Invaders ANTHONY McEVOY 2013
Valentine Jackson – an IRB Man in Stillorgan BRYAN MacMAHON 2014
Edward Lee, JP, 1853-1927 – The Model Employer MICHAEL LEE 2014
A Tribute to a Great Lady – Bonnie Flanagan CATHY FLANAGAN 2014
Celebrating Sir Edward Lovett Pearce PAT SHERIDAN 2014
Thekla Beere – A Woman Amongst Men PAT SHERIDAN 2014
Michael William O’Reilly – Stillorgan Patriot and Businessman PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2014
The Orpen Project DOMINIC LEE 2015
Valentine Jackson’s Account of Republican Activities in Stillorgan, 1916-1921 BRYAN MacMAHON 2015
The Political Career of Edward Lovett Pearce AIDEN FEERICK 2016
Hilda Tweedy and the Irish Housewives Association During the ‘Emergency’ PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2016
‘The Muse’ in Stillorgan PADDY ROCHFORD 2016
Dr Rosa Gray (neé Boland) LRCPI and LRCSI MARY DAVAN WETTON 2017
Samuel Waters (1846-1936) of Woodview, Stillorgan BRYAN MacMAHON 2017
Field Marshal Viscount Gough (1779-1869) VIVIEN IGOE 2018
Stillorgan to Adelaide and Back [part 1] MICHAEL FITZGERALD 2018
Tim Finn and the Easter Rising: A Sequel BRYAN MacMAHON 2018
Stillorgan to Adelaide and Back [part 2] MICHAEL FITZGERALD 2019
Poet Lizzie Twigg’s Kilmacud Connections VIVIEN IGOE 2020
Fr Daniel Hickey, Kilmacud Curate and World War One Chaplain PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2020
The Belmont Boys MICHAEL FITZGERALD 2020
Kilmacud Manor, W. J. Fitzpatrick and the Sham Squire PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2021
Leo Broe, Sculptor BRYAN MacMAHON 2022
Centenary Memories of Kevin O’Higgins’ Family ROSE MARY LOGUE 2023
Ragged Lives: The Whately Sisters of Redesdale BRYAN MacMAHON 2023
Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Hume Dudgeon, Burton Hall: Soldier and Horseman PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2023
We Exonerate the Driver from all Blame: James O’Reilly JAMES SCANNELL 2024
Andy Mac: A Republican Officer in South County Dublin 1916 to 1924 BRYAN MacMAHON 2024
Major Denis J. Coulson, Stillorgan: Soldier and Sportsman PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2024
Mrs Kelly and the Lilac Tree AIDEN TRAYNOR 2024
Kilmacud Stillorgan History
A Village Incident DECLAN O’CONNOR 2007
Allen of Stillorgan – The Rise and Decline of the Allen Family PATRICK J. CASEY 2007/24
Stillorgan in the 1911 Census Records CATRIONA CROWE 2007
Some Early Police Connections to Stillorgan PATRICK J. CASEY 2008
Stillorgan Post Office JOHN LENNON 2008
A Look at Stillorgan in the Nineteenth Century ANNE O’CONNOR 2009
The Changing Landscape of Stillorgan Village 1750 to 1920 PATRICK J. CASEY 2010
Three Executed for Kilmacud Murder PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2010
A Stillorgan Tragedy FRANK TRACY 2010
Hungry Years for Some: Stillorgan/Kilmacud 1840-1850 PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2011/12
Stillorgan Road Assassination Attempt on Michael Collins JAMES SCANNELL 2011/12
Trying to Kill Michael Collins in South Dublin JAMES SCANNELL 2013
Civil War Incidents in Stillorgan PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2015
Redesdale Revisited PATRICK J. CASEY 2017
Stillorgan’s First Friendly Society, 1802-1815 CLARA CULLEN 2017
Famine Heroes of Stillorgan BRYAN MacMAHON 2018
Appointing a Medical Officer of Health for Stillorgan, 1915 JAMES SCANNELL 2019
Shooting the School Principal – Stillorgan 1924 MARGARET SMITH 2020
Sensation in Stillorgan: The Raid on St John of God Hospital in 1921 FRANK COGAN 2021
Stillorgan Schoolboy Abducted and Induced into Marriage PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2022
Kilmacud Stillorgan Places
Stillorgan Shopping Centre – An Architect’s Perspective SHANE O’TOOLE 2006
Beaufield Mews Antiques JILL COX 2006
A Stroll Down Main Street PAT SHERIDAN 2007
Beaufield Mews Restaurant: Doreen Kirwan’s Creation JILL COX 2007
Belmont House 1863-1991 MICHAEL HUGHES omi 2008
40th Anniversary of the Church of St Laurence O’Toole PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2009
Coláiste Eoin SEAN Ó LEIDHIN 2009
The Railway in Stillorgan JAMES SCANNELL 2009
Stillorgan Shopping Centre: A Personal Memoir JOHN COSTELLO 2010
Old Milestones in Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown DIARMUID Ó GRADA 2010
A History of St Helen’s 2010
A Look at Stillorgan Brewery ANNE O’CONNOR 2011/12
Stillorgan Convalescent Home: 150 Years of Service BRYAN MacMAHON 2011/12
A Short History of Woodley Estate, Kilmacud FRANK TRACY 2011/12
Stillorgan House and Park 2011/12
St Stephen’s School 1946-1963 NEALE WEBB 2013
St Joseph’s Carmelite Monastery, Kilmacud SVYATOSLAV ZHERELIN 2013
The Vartry Water Supply Scheme LIAM DOYLE 2014
Rus in Urbe – Stillorgan and Environs as an Evolving Dublin Suburb, c.1860-1960 RUTH McMANUS 2015
Beaufield and its People ANNE O’CONNOR 2016
The History and People of Stillorgan House JOE KENNEDY & BARBARA KIRKPATRICK 2017
Imogen Stuart’s Stillorgan Connection ANNE O’CONNOR 2017
Mater Admirabilis Day Secondary School ROSE MARY LOGUE 2017
A Building Life MATT CAHILL 2018
All Hallows College and Stillorgan PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2018
St Laurence’s Parish Centre, Kilmacud PHILIP CHAMBERS 2019
Historical Boundaries of Kilmacud and Stillorgan BRIAN HOLLINSHEAD 2019
St Anne’s, Kilmacud House and Girlsville BRYAN MacMAHON 2019
St Benildus College, Kilmacud: Caoga bliain ag fás LIAM MCLOUGHLIN 2020
The Rise and Demise of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool SUSAN WAINE 2020
Westbury House and its Residents PAT SHERIDAN 2020
The Devlins of Westbury House and Clonmore House JOHN HEALY 2021
Bunscoil Dhún Chéirí: Stair Ghearr na Scoile, 1895-2020 ANN BAXTER 2021
End of an Era: Beaufield Mews 2021
The Obelisk – a Testament over Time LIAM DOYLE 2022
Stillorgan Bowl/Leisureplex LEONARD KAYE 2023
The N11 Stillorgan Bypass LIAM DOYLE 2023
Role of Small Rivers and Streams in the Development of South County Dublin BRIAN Mac AONGUSA 2023
Mount Anville Primary School and the Sacred Heart Order MUIRGHEN O’REILLY KELLY 2024
Nimble Fingers PAT STAUNTON 2024
YouWho? JUNE BOW and KAREN POFF 2024
Aunty Maureen’s Shop ANNE COUGHLAN 2024
Personal Memories
Some Memories of Old Stillorgan     [Reprinted in 2020] PADDY ROCHFORD 2006/20
Chris Lattimore Recalls CHRIS LATTIMORE 2006
Pat Pidgeon – Printer by Trade PAT PIDGEON 2006
Growing Up in Kilmacud FEDELMA MARTIN 2007
From Village to Town SEAN DONNELLY 2007
Floods in Kilmacud 1963 DOLORES MURRAY 2007
The Wet Year of 1946 and Efforts to Save the Harvest BRIAN KELLY 2007
Early Reflections of an Adopted Son of Kilmacud MARTIN CREAVIN 2008
Logue’s Grocery: Through a Child’s Eyes ROSE MARY LOGUE 2009
Stillorgan from Country Village to Thriving Suburb MARIE FARREN 2009
Memories of Tigh Lorcain Hall IAN ELLIOTT 2010
Growing up in Stillorgan in the 1960s CAROLINE FREEMAN 2010
Off Camera – A Sporting Life TADHG de BRUN 2010
That Old-Time Religion ROSE MARY LOGUE 2010
From There to Here: The Story of a German Orphan ELIZABETH O’GORMAN 2011/12
Games We Played in the 1950s PAULA O’REGAN 2011/12
The Milkman’s Tale PADDY BREEN 2011/12
The Boy in the Picture PADDY ROCHFORD 2013
The Cullen Family SEAN CULLEN 2013
Hazelwood and Lakelands – Growing up in Kilmacud in the 1940s GERRY RYAN 2013
St Brigid’s 300 Year Milestone VICTOR KUSS 2014
Memories of Kilmacud Scouts LIAM O’CARROLL 2014
Remembering Mona SEAMUS CONNOLLY 2015
St Brigid’s School Photo CORA SMITH 2015
Automotive Memories JUSTIN O’HALLORAN 2016
Clouds Over Germany: Childhood Memories of Troubled Times SILVIA DUNNE 2016
A Short History of My Kilmacud FRANK WALLACE 2016
Family Memories of Kilmacud MARIE MULREADY 2017
1960s Kilmacud EAMON JOHNSON 2017
Liberation 1945 SILVIA DUNNE 2017
Mater Admirabilis Day Secondary School in the 1960s ROSE MARY LOGUE 2018
I Remember Victoria Cross, Cork PHILIP CHAMBERS 2018
I was Born on a Farm in Dublin 4 SYLVESTER BYRNE 2018
Valley of Thrushes SILVIA DUNNE 2018
C&D Shoes: Before and After TREVOR JACKMAN 2019
Finding the Old Boys NEALE WEBB 2019
The Village Cafe, Another Day MICHAEL KINSELLA 2019
Ancora Imparo CARMEL FURLONG 2019
School in the 1950s FEDELMA MARTIN 2020
The Musical O’Grady Sisters SHEILA O’GRADY PEREGRINE 2021
From Stillorgan to Apollo 11 PAT NORRIS 2021
Memories of a Lost Village AIDEN TRAYNOR 2021
Precious Memories of the Old Kilmacud Church MATT CAHILL 2022
My Memories of Kilmacud Boys’ National School: January to June 1967 MARTIN CREAVIN 2023
A Garda Experience of UN Peacekeeping in Yugoslavia BARRY MALLOY 2024
Kish Connections SHEENA LAMBERT 2024
Boyhood Exploits of 1940s and 1950s  REDMOND O’HANLON 2024
Family History
No Wonder There Was a Gun in the Attic ROGER McGRATH 2007
Commemorating Edmund Mahony 1887-1918 HUBERT MAHONY 2008
The Downes of Kilmacud MADELEINE DICKSON 2013
The Dublin National Shell Factory 1915 -1918 – a family connection CLIVE O’CONNOR 2013
Polo Grounds, New York 1947 DONOUGH O’REILLY 2014
My Granduncles Answered the Call to Arms MURIEL HOGAN 2015
Hanne Burke – From Pre-war Germany to 21st Century Kilmacud RALPH BURKE 2015
Downes Family Remembrance DENIS MULLEN 2015
Iza Mahony: VAD Nurse and First World War Victim HUBERT MAHONY 2016
A Stillorgan Family Remembers the Local Security Force JOHN TRAYNOR 2016
All for the Want of a Horseshoe Nail: Gunner Patrick Hamill, 1887-1915 ROSE MARY LOGUE 2016
Pte Louis (Lewis) Nelson 528756. WWI MICHEÁL NELSON 2017
‘Silence’ by Lizzie Sullivan EDWIN DOYLE 2019
Thomas Keys and the RMS Leinster sinking – a Personal Odyssey DENIS MULLEN 2019
John Traynor, American Pioneer JOHN TRAYNOR 2020
Once upon a Sunday: The Story of Joseph P. Traynor (1900-1920) MICHEÁL NELSON 2021
Teresa Reddin: My Great-Great-Grandmother and her Family DARA CONNOLLY 2022
A Captain’s Story, a Sailor Ashore LIAM Mc DERMOTT 2022
My Huguenot Ancestors’ Odyssey MICHEÁL NELSON 2022
Samuel Nelson DMP (1864-1917) MICHEÁL NELSON 2024
World War One
Stillorgan and the First World War PATRICK J. CASEY 2006
Letters to Stillorgan from the Western Front BRYAN MacMAHON 2007
Monica Roberts’ Diary of Easter Week, 1916 BRYAN MacMAHON 2008
More Letters to Stillorgan from the Great War BRYAN MacMAHON 2009
Further Local Casualties of the First World War PATRICK J. CASEY 2013
Irish VAD Women in the First World War MICHAEL O’FLAHERTY 2016
The Hauntings Soldier Sculpture SABINA PURCELL 2020
Kilmacud Crokes’ Finest Hour PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2006
Kilmacud Crokes, 1959 – 2009 PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2009
Lakelands Football Club: A Brief History 2010
Who Remembers Heatherville? NORMAN SINNOTT 2013
When Rivulets Became a River MATT CAHILL 2015
Arthur Fitzsimons: ‘Scheming Inside Forward’ from Kilmacud PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2017
Conor F. McGinn: Stillorgan’s National Motorcycle Champion DECLAN EDWARD McGINN 2022
From Dundrum to Formula One DAVID KENNEDY 2023
The Sandycove Bathers’ Association MARTIN CREAVIN 2024
Local Societies
From Barn Dances to Rock and Roll PAT SHERIDAN 2008
Kilmacud Glenalbyn Ladies Club, 1979 – 2009 DOLORES MURRAY 2009
Kilmacud Musical and Dramatic Society NANCY KAVANAGH 2009
The Stillorgan Players NEALE WEBB 2014
1950s Musical in Stillorgan MIRIAM DUNNE 2014
Memories of the Stillorgan Kilmacud Summer Project LEONARD KAYE 2022
Mount Merrion
Mount Merrion Horse Show GERARD O’KELLY 2007
Mount Merrion House BONNIE FLANAGAN 2010
Memories of Knockrabo PAMELA SLATER 2011/12
Growing Up in Mount Merrion in the 1940s and 1950s  [part 1] RORY WALSH 2017
Growing Up in Mount Merrion in the 1940s and 1950s  [part 2] RORY WALSH 2018
Glenomena, Belfield and John Foster FR RAYMOND HICKEY osa 2019
William Dargan of Mount Anville BRIAN Mac AONGUSA 2019
‘The beautiful grounds of Mount Merrion’ in the Late Nineteenth Century MARY FORREST 2022
Knockrabo School Photo from 1951 2022
Lieutenant Martin FitzGerald MC (1917-1945) CLIVE O’CONNOR 2023
Mount Merrion in the 1930s and 1940s GERARD O’KELLY 2023
Pembroke Cottages, Dundrum DIANE DIXON 2009
Memories of Dundrum in the 1950s and 60s SUZANNE MACDOUGALD 2013
Campfield Terrace and the Clayton Connection MARGARET SMITH 2014
Annie M.P.Smithson in Dundrum ROSE MARY LOGUE 2015
A Fracas in Frankfort (Dundrum) MARGARET SMITH 2015
Wyckham, Dundrum SEAN MAGEE 2015
Herbert Hill, Dundrum MARGARET SMITH 2018
Gordonville, Dundrum MICHAEL van TURNHOUT 2018
Behind the Wall: The Central Mental Hospital Dundrum MARGARET SMITH 2019
Isaac W. Usher, Father and Son ANNE O’CONNOR 2020
Growing up in Dundrum SYLVESTER BYRNE 2020
Rosemount: For Nights Out in Dundrum MARGARET SMITH 2023
Dundrum Carnegie Library JOHN LENNON 2024
The Burning of Dundrum Barracks in January 1923 MARGARET SMITH 2024
Churchtown/Quakerstown GED WALSH 2011/12
John Sweetman – a 1798 Connection with Churchtown and Taney, Co. Dublin SEAN MAGEE 2013
Classon’s Bridge GED WALSH 2014
The Heart Behind the Hardware of Churchtown Stores CAROLINE FLOOD 2019
Richard Johnston of Ballinteer, Architect and Farmer SEAN MAGEE 2016
The Farm in Dublin 16 SYLVESTER BYRNE 2019
Blackrock 75 Years Ago  [part 1] BRIAN Mac AONGUSA 2017
Blackrock 75 Years Ago  [part 2] BRIAN Mac AONGUSA 2018
A Renaissance Man on Newtownpark Avenue AIDEN FEERICK 2018
Avondale Hall: The Military Orthopaedic Hospital (1917-1932) PAULA O’REGAN 2020
The Civil War Killing of Edward Leo Murray and Charles (Rodney) Murphy in New Park Lodge: September 1922 JAMES SCANNELL 2023
Danger – Men at Work at Glencairn JAMES SCANNELL 2008
St Mary’s, Sandyford: A Local Hidden Treasure MICHAEL DIXON 2011/12
Woodside, Sandyford MICHAEL van TURNHOUT 2016
Sandyford House EAMONN CASEY 2016
Moreen: From the Pale to Markievicz to the Central Bank MICHAEL van TURNHOUT 2017
St Mary’s National School, Sandyford MICHAEL van TURNHOUT 2019
Glencairn THOMAS A. BURKE 2020
Fernhill House and Gardens MICHAEL van TURNHOUT 2021
Sandyford Library and its Librarians NICHOLAS RYAN 2021
Mary Mulligan, Neighbour to Countess Markievicz PEADAR CURRAN 2022
Lamb Doyles, Sandyford MARGARET SMITH 2022
Sandyford: A Short History MICHAEL Van TURNHOUT 2023
Quarries on Three Rock Mountain MICHAEL Van TURNHOUT 2024
Irish History
Laurence O’Toole – The Lost Leader FRANK TRACY 2006
Grace Gifford’s Wedding ORLA MURPHY 2009
Memories of Moore Street, 1916 JOSEPHINE BOOKEY 2009
Anne Devlin, Patriot and Heroine BREDA ROSEINGRAVE 2010
Richard Crosbie: Pioneer of Balloon Flight BRYAN MacMAHON 2010
The International Eucharistic Congress 1932 PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2013
The Contribution of Female Artists to the Growing Irish Nationalist Movement, 1890-1930 BREDA ROSEINGRAVE 2013
Sir Ernest Shackleton and Dublin NEALE WEBB 2015
Nevil Shute’s Easter Rising BRYAN MacMAHON 2016
The GAA During the Irish Revolution, 1913-23 DIARMAID FERRITER 2016
Patrick Pearse PAT SHERIDAN 2016
Knocknagow MATT CAHILL 2017
From GPO to Hollywood PAT SHERIDAN 2017
Francis Ledwidge: A Name in Sunshine FRANK TRACY 2018
The Dublin District Surveyors, 1844-1924 BRENDAN O DONOGHUE 2019
Between Armed Rebellion and Democratic Revolution: The Irish Question in 1917 MARK DUNCAN 2019
New Ireland Assurance Company in the Early Days PADDY ROCHFORD 2019
Anna Parnell: Recluse but Radical BREDA ROSEINGRAVE 2019
Newman House History and Associations VIVIEN IGOE 2022
UN Peacekeeping – Irish Defence Forces in the Congo 1960 to 1964  [Part 1] ANDREW KELLY 2022
Ottoman Help to Ireland during the Famine IRWIN GILL 2023
A Liberal Lord Mayor of Dublin: Alderman George Roe (1796-1863) BEATRICE DORAN 2023
UN Peacekeeping – Irish Defence Forces in the Congo: 1960 to 1964  [Part 2] ANDREW KELLY 2023
Wildflowers of Stillorgan, Mount Merrion and Dundrum PAULA O’REGAN 2007
Bells and Barrowmen on Bachelor’s Walk CHRIS LATTIMORE 2007
Twenty Important Dates ending in “8” PAT SHERIDAN 2008
A Look at Ringsend and Sandymount RON ENNIS 2008
Kilmacud and Stillorgan: Useful Sources of Information JULIA BARRETT 2009
A Victorian Financial Scandal JAMES SCANNELL 2010
The Grandchildren of Edward Lovett Pearce FÍONA TIPPLE 2014
Early 20th Century Motoring Around Stillorgan JAMES SCANNELL 2014
The Ouzelers of Ringsend PAT SHERIDAN 2015
Mary Delany – A Talented Georgian Lady ANNE O’CONNOR 2015
Dún Laoghaire Tragedy Recalled FRANK TRACY 2015
Accident at Shankill Railway Station, 1912 JAMES SCANNELL 2015
Those Days are Gone Away CLARA CULLEN 2016
Baron Glenavy of Milltown FRANK TRACY 2016
Dollymount House: An 18th Century Hunting Lodge in South Co. Dublin RON ENNIS 2016
William Sealy Gosset: A Student to be Proud of LIAM DOYLE 2016
Dalkey Drowning Tragedy, Easter 1913 JAMES SCANNELL 2017
Margaret (1813-1882) PAT SHERIDAN 2018
The Rural District Council and the Unclimbable Fences JAMES SCANNELL 2018
The Holy Well at Ticknock PEADAR CURRAN 2019
The Lord and the Nun ROSE MARY LOGUE 2019
The Abergele Rail Disaster of 1868: Stillorgan Connections BRYAN MacMAHON 2020
The First Women Guardians Elected to Rathdown Poor Law Union 1897 JAMES SCANNELL 2020
Parke Neville: An Engineer for the City LIAM DOYLE 2021
Hans Möller FRANK TRACY 2021
The Connaught Rangers Mutiny: Thomas Murray’s Story BRYAN MacMAHON 2021
Moravians in Ireland GED WALSH 2021
Ticknock’s Ancient Watercourse PEADAR CURRAN 2021
Bolands Mills Ringsend NIALL KERNEY 2022
Exceeding the Speed Limit, 1919 JAMES SCANNELL 2022
Massy Project 2021 2022
Myler Keogh – the Real Character Behind the Fistic Hero in Ulysses FRANK COGAN 2023
Erwin Schatz FRANK TRACY 2023
A History of Community Radio in South Dublin MIKE PURCELL 2024
The Vanished Cottages of Milltown, Co. Dublin PATRICK SALMON 2024
An Insight into the History and Workings of Mountjoy Prison JOHN LONERGAN 2024
History Society Outings
Stuck in the Mud in Offaly PETER SOBOLEWSKI 2006
Society Trip to Kilkenny EAMONN BYRNE 2007
Summer Outing to Enniscorthy JOE McCABE 2008
Summer Outing to Drogheda JOE McCABE 2009
Summer Outing to Armagh JOE McCABE 2010
Society Outing to Tullynally Castle and Locke’s Distillery FEDELMA MARTIN 2011/12
History Society Outing to Carlingford and Monasterboice JOE McCABE 2013
Summer Outing to Co. Wicklow JOE McCABE 2014
Summer Outing to Carlow JOE McCABE 2015
Summer Outing to Laois AIDEN FEERICK 2016
World War One Battlefields Tour NEALE WEBB 2016
Excursion to Waterford AIDEN FEERICK 2017
Excursion to Ardagh and Strokestown AIDEN FEERICK 2018
Exploring the Treasures of Cavan AIDEN FEERICK 2019
Summer Outing to Kildare and Carlow AIDEN FEERICK 2020
Society Outing to Cashel and Holycross Abbey AIDEN FEERICK 2023
Society Outing to Roscrea and Leap Castle AIDEN FEERICK 2024